Saturday, May 19, 2007

ooh la la

c'est francais

n'est ce pas?


Faux French is one of my all-time favorite themes!! It's kinda hillbilly/eurotrash. Ma and Pa Kettle go to Paris.
Yee-haw, mon petite!

Here's the stuff I have pulled out for a nontraditional quilt of sorts I am going to make today. Don't worry - it's only a small quilt. This might be my favorite part of anything I make, the gathering of materials and discovering new color, pattern and embellishment combinations. This is all stuff from my studio. I didn't go shopping. That's one of the benefits of hoarding - you can just shop in your own house. The velvet is my great grandma's, the toile was $1 a yard at Walmart, the green tassels were on clearance when they closed the walmart to open the supercenter. I think I have about 4 yards of it. I like the way these pinks and greens are all slightly off and do not match or "go" exactly. The girls have a soccer match at 9:00 and another one at 4:00, so I will have a good chunk of time in the studio in the middle of the day.

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