Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The jeans are done!

Here is the left front leg, the back of the rigt leg and the lower part of the front view. That gorgeous fabric on the sides is Anna Maria Bohemian. If I finish the Mini Marathon Saturday I am rewarding myself with a few yards of her new Chocolate Lollipop.
Julaine tagged me - okay 7 wierd things about myself
1. I will be 40 next month and my youngest sister is 20. We have the same parents.
2. My mom and dad got married when they were 17 and 18.
3. My last name was Crane before I got married - no we are not related.
4. Mark Kistler of the PBS tv show The Imagination Station is my friend
5. The right side of my face is the product of reconstructive surgery due to a car accident
6. I still have dial up
7. I have never been to Europe
I know I am sposed to tag 7 others..but I am too tired right now!


e. beck said...

dial up!!!?? oh heavens, i'm so sorry!

Deb Silva said...

These are fabulous!!
You've been busy~