Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My Current Top Ten

A peek into my brain. Here are the ten things you are most likely to find rattling round my head right now.

1. In the photo you can see a smidgen of the projects I have been working on this week - a series of 5 small quilts that must be in the mail before...

2. I leave for Arrowmont on Sunday for a week studying printmaking. I will be picking Cheryl Prater up at the Louisville airport on the way. This is my fifth trip to Arrow and Cheryl's first. I cannot wait to get down there and make a bunch of art and meet a lot of cool people.

3. Some of my pals and some of my close kin are going thru hard times right now and I wish they didn't have to.

4. I have the best, simplest, plainest little life on the planet.

5. The Thing Which Remains Unresolved has gone from super-exciting 6 months ago to barely on my radar. I don't think about It nearly as much as I think about WHY I don't think about it. Can't really say what it is, but if It resolves favorably, I'll let you know.

6. Our high school hired the best possible girls' soccer coach. A pro from Brazil. He is hard core and my girls love him. They have trained with him on and off for a couple of years.

7. The price of gas. I drive a Vibe because it gets great gas mileage but now it costs almost 40 bucks to fill it up. I shudder when I see somebody filling up a hummer. And I have about a 6 hr drive on Saturday.

8. I hate the "Go shake it" thing the dude on Shear Genius says. He is no Tim Gunn.

9. I changed my White Barn Candle Company Wallflower from Brown Sugar and Fig to Creamy Nutmeg. It smells really good. Then I made a pot of Caramel Truffle Coffee. My husband nearly passed out from shock when he walked in after work. He thought I was baking.

10. These are the random hodgepodge thoughts that pop in and out: Jessica Simpson and John Mayer/Blake was robbed because the last song was a Jordin song/Rosie O'Donnell/Hogzilla/Project Runway/Valley of the Dolls/Hummingbird Art Camp/running/headache/why bad things have to happen/why I read Nicholas Sparks once in a while/why I don't read more/and oh yeah, I have to make 2 journals for class notes for Arrowmont.

See, I 'm a busy girl, even if it is summer vacation.

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