Thursday, May 24, 2007

Last Week

Here are last week's journal pages in my daily art assignment for this year. It's a space theme. Can you name the song that inspired this? It might be a kinda obscure reference. It is the song I most recently added to my ipod. School is out, but I still have to go back for a bit tomorrow and finish moving into my new art room. The girls helped me all day today and worked really hard getting all my art stuff organized. The girls had soccer tonight and tied the first place team in their league. Their tournament is next week and for fun, I am tie-dying their shirts. I will post pics. Hoping I have some dye left over to do some fabric while I'm at it.

I have so many projects cooking right now!! I had one thing about 80% done - the faux french thing I was working on - and then I REALIZED IT WAS ALL WRONG. So I am starting over. If I am a perfectionist in any way, it is not in execution so much as communication. An artist - or maker, as I prefer to be called - cannot explain her work to everyone who sees it. They will see it and judge and make up their stories and have their own ideas. I want to to particpate as much as possible in that process, so I strive mostly to communicate my ideas as clearly as possible.
I saw Million Dollar Baby the other night. It was good, yet disturbing. There were parts I could not watch.

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Cheryl Prater said...

Space Oddity - "Ground Control to Major Tom..." David Bowie. Am I dating myself or what?