Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Blue Bubbles

On the right we have the beginnings of my daily art for this week. I put a blob of white and a blob of calypso blue in the middle of the page and loaded up my brush and started painting these bubbles. I kept going until the blobs were gone. I am thinking of doing another color on theses pages tonight. On the left we have the Actual Beginnings of My New Supa Cool Art Purse. No the guest book isn't done. I have the covers totally appliqued and quilted. I left them at the shop, with their fronts and backs all pinned together and ready to sew first thing in the morning. So I guess the guest book is my daytime project and the purse is my nighttime project, along with dinner, cleaning, prodding children and feeding animals. Back to the purse...for a long time I struggled with using commercially printed papers and fabric in my work because I hadn't generated them myself. I am not as weird as I seem. I promise. I have kinda gotten over it, or at least I have begun to behave as though I am over it and use commercial papers and fabric. I wanted to use canvas duck as a base for the patchwork outside and have it double as a lining. I don't like a white lining - gets to cruddy. I had some duck I had laundered. I cut the side panels and the body of the bag and painted them with a diluted coat of calypso blue. I stamped the circles and did the doodles with dimensional paint. After the paint dries, I am going to start piecing the outside. I have an idea for the focal point brewing along, but may change my mind. I hope to have a guest book to post tomorrow and perhaps a bit of a purse.

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