Thursday, June 14, 2007

Outside my front door

These are some of my petunias in the half barrels right outside the front door. I did pinks, purples, lime green and accents of red and orange this year. I have a pal who only plants white flowers. I never plant white. It's not a color. Never Been Kissed is on ABCFamily right now. Love that movie. Pretty In Pink is VH1 - Love that one, too. Saved in on oxygen - it's okay. Not in my top ten or even twenty. Got my hair colored and cut Tuesday. Doug cut it a little different this time. It's okay I guess.

Whit has basketball Fri and Sat. Both girls are running a 5K Saturday morning, then Court has soccer training and Whit plays hi school coed soccer Sunday afternoon...and mommy is up to her eyeballs in work. Good.

All my flowers survived my trip to Arrow and I did not even have to ask the girls to water them. I didn't say a

word before I left and did not remind them over the phone. That's just good raisin', people.

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