Saturday, June 30, 2007

Doesn't everybody make their own flip flops?

Here they first homemade flip flops. I could not do the foot picture. My flowers are prettier than my toes anyway. In the detail you can see the fabic inset, which includes a bit of my fave - Anna Maria Bohemian. J.R. had to help with the sole, a slightly wedged cushiony brown rubber. The big belt sander is too scary! The red flowers are the second set I made. The first set I made were too big, according to the two teenagers at my house. I wore them to the grocery last night and they worked fine.

I got all four sides of the art purse attached yesterday and started the straps. The covers for the guest book are done and all the pages are sewn. I need to do some cleaning up and embellishing to finish it. I guess I had a pretty productive week. I always wish I could get more done!

The girls had soccer every day this week and Whit has a match Sunday. Next week is a week off. The high school team starts conditioning on the 9th and official practice starts July 30. Their first match is August 13. The girls are in a 3v3 tournament on the 21st and I leave for Hummingbird Art Camp on the 22nd. I can't believe how much stuff we did in June. It was a great month. I think there are six weeks left of summer vacation. It f there's one thing we haven't done much of it's sleeping in and wasting time. Perhaps this coming week will be a bit slower paced, with the holiday. It's one of J.R.'s few days off for the year.

Artwise, I need to finish the art capris and get crackin' on my hunting and gathering for 1967. I also need to clean the house. But first, I must get rid of this splitting headache.


Cheryl Prater said...

LOVE the flip-floops. Are you taking orders? Absolutely inspired!

e. beck said...

YOINKS! ... i read your last post and was blown away that you were actually MAKING flip flops...our of LEATHER.....and actually when i got on the puter today i thought...oh, i need to go see if she finished her shoes...they ROCK...those are the groovy, coolest flip flops EVER....i am just a tad green......well done!

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