Thursday, June 28, 2007

Goofing Off

Here is the back of the art purse I have been working on. The blue paisley bit is a pocket. Didn't touch it today. I barely worked on anything on my to do list. The guest book is coming along nicely, but I got distracted from it. It was a good reason. As you know, I am working at my husbands leather and shoe store this week. An elderly gentleman came in this morning with his son. He was needing a carrying case of sorts for his wallet, shaving kit, etc. Normally my father in law would make something like this, but I thought I could handle it. So in about an hour's time, I made the case and thought "That was fun. Let's make something else." I decided to make a pair of flip flops. I love flip flops, but the cool ones are a way lot of money for two strips of leather stuck to a rubber sole. And the cheap ones are, in a word, cheap. The first pair I have started have tan suede insoles and straps with a red leather rosette and some other stuff going on to make them "debbified". I'll have J.R. put a cushy sole on the bottom - probably tomorrow. I'll give my toes a fresh coat of paint and post a pic. Consider this fair warning - toe alert. The first pair is going so well that I am planning a second pair - denim straps with a blue suede insole and maybe some rivets.

Here is one end of the art purse. Those are pockets and the heart is just because. Disturbing new development - my husband reads my blog. I know because the other day I was giving him a fuss about working at the shop and he said wait a minute, on your blog you said it was kinda fun to work here. Great. He reads it, remembers what it says and can use it successfully in an argument. Hi Honey. Love you.

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Cheryl Prater said...

Hi JR. It's me. Uh-gain. Let's see pix of the leather box you made.