Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Art Crops

As a summer follow up to my Frida art jeans, I have been working on these khaki art crops for the last two days. I finished the machine sewing today and laundered them to get rid of the paper backing that I used to stabilize the fabric AND, more importantly, start to get that scrubby, raveled look on the egdes. I don't use wunder under or any of that stuff any more. Feels too boardy when it's done and it keeps everything together too well. I like stuff to look deconstructed, but to actually be well-constucted. I bought a pair of brown and white polka dot espadrilles (I know that's not spelled right) at Target the other day, so that was on my brain when I started these yesterday. I saw this hunk of brown and white dot so I used that for the sides. See, if you cut the legs right up the sides, you can get into the interior portion of the leg panels much easier with the machine. The only problem is that I can't seem to get the right amount of fabric back in there when I put the pants back together. These and my art jeans are both too big. Yes, I spose I could rip them out and make them smaller OR measure before I cut and sew OR just put a belt. I am going to add some hand embellishments - buttons and such and then decide whether or not to finish the hem. I think I can wear these to school with a cute twinset and those Target shoes. The pic on the left is the left front leg; the pic on the right is the right back leg. All fabric from my stash and $3 pants from Walmart.

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