Friday, July 20, 2007


This is one of the shirts for the 3v3 soccer tomorrow. They all turned out pretty good and look like a set. You never know with tie dye. It's a surprise until you unwrap them. Here are two of the tie dye fabrics I made after I ironed them . Love these! Dying is so much fun, but I don't do it often due to the mess. I am definitely planning a dye day before school starts with me and about five yards of fabric. I am thinking of doing fat quarters and selling them...? Maybe. We'll see. Maybe people who like to have clean hands would buy them. Mine were a fright!

I saw a woman on Good Morning America yesterday who built herself a house. The house was, I think, 84 square feet. It was on a trailer, like one would haul a race car on, and had no running water. She has a toilet of the camping/portapot variety, but no shower. She limits herself to only owning 300 things. All this in an effort to minimize her carbon footprint. Fine with me. I am totally in favor of people doing what they think is right. Rock on. But here's the kicker: she takes her showers at her friends' houses or at work. So I guess she's still making a footprint. She's just making it with someone else's shoes.

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Cheryl Prater said...

Uniform tanks and fabrics look Funk-a-delic. The girls are going to hypnotize the other team!