Friday, July 13, 2007

Book In Progress

This is the project I am doing in my classes at Hummingbird Art Camp in Jemez Springs, New Mexico. It's based on the book I did at Arrowmont last month. I love that it only takes one sheet of watercolor paper to make the whole thing. I am at the collaging stage and should have it done sometime tomorrow. I called my class "Just Wing It - A flight- themed collage book" this year. Some of the pages are shaped like wings and there are birds, dragonflies and such inside. I see my students one hour a day for five days, so I think this book could also be done as one day class. I love making these books.

I have been sitting here looking at the blinking cursor trying to think of something interesting to say but not coming up with anything.

Two notes from the world of sports:

1. David Beckham is officially playing soccer here! I WILL put my eyes on him sometime in the next five years. 23 might be my new favorite number.
2. In the how did THIS happen category - Dale Earnhardt, Jr. now endorses...yuck...I can hardly say this...adidas!!! And we just bought Whit a pair of Predators. Had we known Jr. was signing with adidas, we would have gone with the Pumas! We do not like Jr. We like Jeff Gordon. We didn't like Sr. either. Rest his soul.
Gotta go watch Talledega Nights with my honey.


Cheryl Prater said...

The book is beautiful. Take lots of pix of the kids books. My guys would LOVE to make something like this. Will you teach me?

Deb Silva said...

Awesome book!