Monday, July 30, 2007

Back from the Jemez

Another year of Hummingbird Art Camp is over. It was, as usual a great week, with lots of cool kids motivated to make art. I have been there four times now, so I am getting to know the regulars and the Higgins family pretty well. I have taught with Beth Stodieck of Texas and Cindy Maestas of New Mexico every year, and Kim and Anna have been there three of the four times I have. The pic on top is the first thing I see in the mornings when I step out of the dorm where I stay, called the Beehive. It still looks so beautiful and strange to my Indiana eyes. I think I have taken this picture every year. Jerry and Teena King make my week so perfect every year - they are, I am sure, the sweetest people in New Mexico.

The teachers have a little time off during the week to explore the area. This time, we went to the Ponderosa Winery. We tasted a bunch of great wines and had a tour of the place from the owner and his wife and their dogs. Here is the view from there and some of the grapes growing out there in the desert. We had dinner at a little place in La Cueava. On Wednesday, we went to Santa Fe to the Georgia O'Keefe museum, a quick trot around the Plaza and lunch at the Coyote Cafe - yum.

I had a smooth trip - no delays or lost luggage - and I am SO glad to be back home and working on The Book. Cheryl says she has the angel-choir thing when she says that. I'm not sure what sound I get. I think it's just the whirring of the wheels turning in my brain.


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kimberly sherrod said...

Lucky you! I have the Coyote Cafe cook book- he rocks the hot sauces and tex mex ! I just ordered some watercolor crayons too, thanks to Cheryl!