Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I am a compulsive doodler.

I doodled this while I was talking to Cheryl on the phone last night. This girl-in-the-garden theme has been coming up a lot lately. Don't know why. Don't need to.
I'm watching Top Chef on Bravo right now. It's okay, but it's no Project Runway. Things are pretty calm around here this week. Whit has soccer conditioning every day with the girls' team and then she also trains with the boys' team. We are semi-pals with the coach and she knows most of the boys from hanging out at the soccer field all these years. She has basketball three days a week, too. She is tired and a little grouchy. Courtney feels a little lonesome and left out. I bought her one of those plastic palettes, a bunch of brushes and some paper for acrylics so she can paint away her thirteen-year-old blues.
Hummingbird Art Camp is only ten days away!

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