Friday, August 03, 2007

Daily Art

Here are the pages I worked on every day last week at Hummingbird. I used the freebies from the Georgia O'Keefe and some pics I had taken last year, which I printed and brought along, just in case I wanted to use them for something. The galleries in the O'Keefe are always changing; I am not sure the museum actually owns anything. What you see when you go depends on what they have on loan at the time. There was not a cow skull to be found last week and precious few flowers. We saw mostly circles and curliques. I like that she liked curliques, too. Some of the pieces were only a simple pencil doodle of a curlique with a long tail. There were also several photos of her taken by hubby Alfred Steiglitz - I am sure that's spelled wrong - and by another fellow who snapped her late in life in and around her home in Abiqui - the spelling again- New Mexico. From the way they photographed her, you can tell they both loved her. On a side note, Mrs. Wanda Higgins, the matriarch of Hummingbird Music and Art Camp and avid painter, was a contemporary of Ms. O'Keefe back in the day in New Mexico.
Whitley "T-Bone" Crane, incoming freshman at Bedford-North Lawrence High School, has been named to the VARSITY GIRLS SOCCER TEAM!! She will be wearing #6 - Brandi Chastain's number. She has worked hard her whole life for this moment. She got it on her own. T-Bone refers to her middle initial, T for Taylor, and her slender physique. It's just a nickname we use sometimes to differentiate her from all the Whitneys whose parents also call them Whit. She is starting high school in a good place. Her first match is a week from Monday.
Courtney went to an amusement park with her friends' youth group today. It makes me SO nervous to let them do anything without me! I already have a headache from worry, humidity and a general feeling of overwhelm.
I am working on the book every day. It still seems a little surreal to say it. I'm writing a book.

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