Monday, August 27, 2007

I've been busier 'an a long-tailed cat

in a room full of rockin' chairs, BUT I have still managed to work in my daily art journal every day. Here's one of my pages from last week. Sunflowers are my favorite flowers in the whole world. Whit scored AGAIN Saturday. She leads the varsisty team in shots on goal and in actual goals. High school is fun and easy so far. She's meeting lots of new people and she is happier than I've ever seen her. Court had her first match Saturday evening. She is playing with mostly boys and more than holds her own. Her team easily won 8-4 and she scored on a beauty left, high and to the corner. She has taken about 40 seconds off of her cross country time in the last week. Yes, right now, they are the center of my universe.

In between working on the pile of stuff I have going for The Book, I was asked to write an info/how to article for the education section of the local paper about teaching and making art. I made the artwork yesterday and wrote the article today. It comes out Wednesday. Oh yeah, and the new Cloth Paper Scissors hits the stores next Tuesday and I have an article about art quilts in it. Kelli Perkins is the new covergirl. She is so talented. One of my best favorite artist bloggers, Calamity Kim, also has two pieces in there. Leave here right now and go look at Kim's blog and flickr.


katie said...

hi debbi,
i just got my Cloth Paper Scissors in the mail and wanted to congratulate you on your wonderful article! Your quilt was great, and your directions and tips were superb - thank you for sharing it all with us.

kimberly sherrod said...

Debbi!!! I am so excited about what came in the mail to me! I am in love with the card!!!!! You may have a million dollar idea on your hands with that one- you should send prototypes to Hallmark- seriously! I would buy a whole box load! I love it! I am rsvp-ing now to let you know that I have given the hamster in my head a few extra nuggets of cheese and he is running for dear life! (That's Kim speak for working on the project!) Thank you for the invitation. I am truly honored. You and Cher are some fabulous chicks! I am so proud and honored to be in CPS with you guys! What a wonderful world!

Anonymous said...

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