Sunday, August 19, 2007

It's been a week

since I posted last, but it was the first week of school so I gave myself a kind of free pass from some of my responsibilities. The first week was extra busy, with getting my two brand new rooms ready and getting the kids used to having art in a new space and to their new buildings in general, new teachers and new classmates. I don't feel like I got into any of groove last week. I am sure this week will be better.

Whit had her first two high school soccer matches. The other 11 starters are all Seniors; Whit is just a little Freshman. She played about 60 of the 80 minutes on Monday and the whole 80 minute match on Saturday. They got beat Monday by probably the best team they will see all season. It was not pretty. It was also the first match for a new coaching staff. Saturday was MUCH better. They still lost, but it was only 3-2
AND WHITLEY SCORED BOTH GOALS FOR HER TEAM! How in the world is this tiny, quiet girl doing it? Sheer will, I think. There was an article in the paper today about the match and the coach said some nice things about Whit and her leadership.
I have been making art here and there and trying to get studio time sort of scheduled in between drop offs and pick ups for the girls and their stuff.
We are watching High School Musical 2. I did not know it was set in Albuquerque. I have peeps in the ABQ.
Last spring I saw some shoes in Bandolino that I LOVED -red patent peep toe sling back wedges - so cute. But they were 65 bucks and I got 2 kids to clothe; you know what it's like when you're the mom. Red patent peep toe sling back wedges are nice, but not a necessity, right? Today we went to the mall and instead of leaving nose smudges on Bandolino's windows, I went in. My shoes, still just as cute, WERE ON SALE FOR 19.99!

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