Monday, August 06, 2007

She did it again!

More fabric designed by Anna Maria Horner. I didn't thing it could get any better than her Bohemian collection, but then I saw Chocolate Lollipop! Here are 3 of the prints in the collection, available from J.Caroline. I got a big fabric delivery today, big for me, anyway. 7 yards to use in projects for The Book. It's so motivating to have all those colors and patterns in front of me, just waiting to have me make them into something fabulous. I hope to spend some of every day this week in the studio.

I visited both of my new art rooms today to see if they are ready for next week. Nope, not quite, but will be by the Big Day. I am looking forward to school starting. The school year always whizzes by and I know the next 5 will be stuck on fast forward - the girls will be in high school. Everybody tells me high school goes too fast. I get I knot in my stomach at the mere thought of what we will be doing four years from now...taking Whitley to - gulp - college.

I think I'm going to take Court to school tomorrow to pay her fees and get her schedule. She is always afraid Walmart will run out of school supplies before we get there to get hers. Silly girl.

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