Thursday, August 09, 2007

This is what I made today.

Yes, I know I'm writing a book and I should be working on projects every waking moment, but there is that thing called "life" that sometimes has to come first. Today was one such day. Whit had freshman orientation at the high school today, so we spent about 2 hours getting yearbook and ID photos taken, getting lectured about dress code and attendance, getting her schedule, traipsing up and down the stairs and round the halls to find all her classrooms and paying her fees. Then we made a mad dash to the grocery store to get stuff to make the above fruit salad. Tonight was the preseason soccer scrimmage for both the boys and girls teams, followed by a pitch-in dinner for the players and fams. Freshmen were supposed to bring salads and Whit decided on fruit salad. Between salad-making and scrimmage watching, I had to clean up the classroom part of my studio. Generally I work in the big area at the studio, even though I have a small room in there, too, that is only mine. We let the local soccer club have coaches meetings in the classroom and tonight was the schedule and roster meeting for the fall season. It looked like a Joann Fabrics had exploded in there. In between cleaning, I did manage to get a few coats of paint on a trio of projects.
And then there's the heat. It's always this hot in Southern Indiana this time of year. Your clothes are always damp and even pin straight hair like mine gets unruly. The grass looks tired and scorched and the petunias are worn out from blooming three straight months; it's hard to be that cheerful that long. It's always darkest just before dawn and it's always hottest just before school starts.
I don't buy kiwi fruit because they are my favorite. I buy them because I love that color.

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