Sunday, December 16, 2007

Courtney and Cookies

Courtney's middle school semi-formal dance was this past Friday night. I chaperoned. She was the sparkliest one there. I did her make up and gave her the full face treatment. The most she ever wears is a little mascara. She told me that a lot of her friends thought she should were more make up all the time; they really liked it. Funny. To me, she still looks a little like she's playing dress up. She doesn't have her woman face yet. And I'm in no hurry for her to get it.

Whit went to a movie with a boy for the first time last night. They saw I Am Legend. Whit didn't like it. I managed to survive. Yesterday was also the 20TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE FIRST TIME I WENT OUT WITH JR! We went to an IU basketball game. See, our entire relationship is based on sports.

We made cookies and candy all afternoon today so the girls can take goodies to their teachers. Here is a calorie-free sampler of sugar cookies, tiger butter and fudge. Whit made the peanut butter cookies with the kisses on them for Conner. We made fudge for the first time ever in the history of out family. I can't really do recipes that require a thermometer and my full attention. Fudge is generally unappealing to me because of the texture. Grainy fudge - ick. It reminds of having my teeth cleaned. So, anyhoo, I caught a bit of Rachel Ray on Oprah Friday and she made Five Minute Fudge. It was, as she said, a dump and stir. We made it today and it turned out great.
RR's Five Minute Fudge
one bag semi sweet chocolate chips
one bag butterscotch chips
one can sweetened condensed milk
Melt over low heat, stirring constantly. Pour into a pammed pan. Chill to set. You can add stuff to it or use other chip flavors. RR made it into a wreath. I didn't wreath it today because I didn't want to go to all that trouble and have it taste gross. It is wreath worthy and I plan to make one tomorrow nite to treat my colleagues on Tuesday.


Cheryl Prater said...

Shouldn't the title of this post be Cookie and Cookies? Loved the card/ornament that arrived today. It's on my tree next to last year's "seriously limited edition" Christmas card.

It'll be cool to have a whole tree done in your cards in about 50 years.

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