Saturday, December 08, 2007

Whitley's Black and White

Pictures and Blogger - Why can't I ever get things where I really want them? Here is Whit a couple of hours ago in front of our Christmas tree before Conner arrived, with his mom, dad and 5 year old sister. Being non-drivers, they had to have transportation provided to the dance. I think she looked so cute, but I am partial.

I remember sometime when I was pregnant or right after one of the girls was born reading a card or something that said being a mother was agreeing to have your heart walking around outside your body. I thought they were talking about babies. But they weren't. They were talking about when they grow up and start to really become their own people. That is the heartbreaker. Seeing this little hint of what my daughter will look like as a woman and knowing that other people want her attention and other people see what a neat person she is and want a little bit of her light.

Conner brought her a darling wrist corsage from the best florist in town - white flowers, black lace and black and sliver ribbon. Courtney had to get a picture, too, saving me from being too serious about this night. Little sister had her picture taken with Whit and Conner and when they left, she was holding Whitley's hand. The sweetest.

Whit got to dress varsity today and got in the game. She had a stat. She turned the ball over. Oh well. We went through the Arby's drive thru and there was a camel in a horse trailer in front of us. It was making all kinds of camely sounds and showing it's teeth. Probably a busy time of year for camels in Indiana.

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