Sunday, December 09, 2007

Decorating is Done!

Here are a few of the decks in the Crane halls this year. I did about 90% of my decorating yesterday morning so the house would be good for picture taking. We have a whole new color scheme this year of the girls' choosing - light blue and silver with red accents. I made the stockings. The skinny tree in the entryway has my "Kendricks" on it. Katie had the pattern for these dolls in Cloth Paper Scissors Issue #9, which is my favorite issue EVER. See sidebar.

I decided that I was only giving myself until 11:00 yesterday morning to get the decorations out and up. Anything left went back into the attic. This is really late for me, but we've had 100 basketball games and we have this thing where JR and I always go to everything the girls do. The hard times are when each one has a game at the same time. Then, much to our dismay, we split up, usually taking turns at who goes with which kid. It's a joy, not a burden. In five very short years no one will need me to watch them do anything and I will WISH for a Thursday night and two ballgames to go to. I also had the sickness, which my doctor told me will take up to 10 days to really get over. So that means the dark circles under my eyes should be gone by Wednesday.

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Cheryl Prater said...

The place looks great. Betcha you have the only Kendrick Christmas tree in all of Bedford.