Monday, February 19, 2007

Last Week's Daily Artwork

Happy President's Day! We had school today to make up for one of our snow days. It's still a short week, though, for kids. They get out Friday afternoon and we have meetings. The art teachers are getting training on how to use our new smart boards! Exciting! Well, Rob and Amber came in first last night. Grrr. I think I like Joyce and Uchenna and Kentucky best. But the worst show is coming on right now - that horrid Wife Swap! I have to watch with my finger on the switch so I can change the channel quick when it gets too nuts. There is a real piece of work on there tonight - raw meat eaters. I ain't talking about steak tartar, either. I mean fermented chicken and beef. They love bacteria because God made it and do not clean the house. They brush their teeth with fermented butter. It's either a religion or some thang a woman made up to get out of cookin' and cleanin'. Amen, sister.

It's time for AAU basketball and the first practice for the girls is tomorrow night. Whit is playing for sure, but Courtney hasn't decided. Her school basketball season kinda soured her on the sport altogether. I am not sure she would spit on a basketball if it was on fire.

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Wanda said...

Love your Cupids!

Yes, I was sick about Rob and Amber (gag!) coming in first. I really want Kentucky to win it. I like Joyce and Uchenna too, but they won before. And again, they are on the race to 'save their marriage'. Gee, is this show (both times!) the only thing holding their marriage together?!

Ohmygosh...I saw Wife Swap too. Those people were crazy! And those kids getting 'sick' from eating real food - Pft! All in their heads.

After that I watched Little People, Big World and My Unique Family. Tonight it is American Idol.