Thursday, February 15, 2007

This week , so far and some stuff I forgot to blog about

1. I totally forgot to say anything about David Beckham playing in the States. Both Crew and Fire are within easy driving distance from my house and I WILL see him play. Also, if I ever get a tiny, yappy housedog, I will name him Beckham.

2. I do not like NASCAR, and now that the season is again upon us, I will have to see it, hear about it and know about it. Strangely, I did enjoy both Days of Thunder and Talledega Nights.

3. Bowling Green got ripped off last night. Why do I care? Bowling Green is coached by Dan Dakich, who was a member if the undefeated 1976 NCAA championship Indiana Hoosiers, coached by RMK. How 'bout those Red Raiders?

4. We went to an ODP soccer thing Sunday. Courtney has been invited to play for Indiana in a friendly vs. Illinois in Decatur at the end of the month. Kinda cool.

5. We had 2 snow days this week. I had a TON of stuff to do, so it worked out.

6. Check out the Editor's Blog at ClothPaperScissors and go the link about Make it U. Cannot wait!

7. Got my hair done yesterday - touch up the roots, highlights and a new cut. Doug did "the bangs" -au courant!

8. JR gave me an unusually extravagant Valentine - roses an an IPOD SHUFFLE!! It's like a tiny, pink tic tac of music! So cute!

9. Went to my ortho today - released!! He is sure this episode with the pinched tendon is over! and I am free from that brace!

10. Ultimately, I feel sorry for Anna Nicole and Daniel and Dannielynn. I know there are a lot of bad choices she made and maybe bad things she did, but we don't have the death penalty for confused and lost.

11. The book above was made in July 2003 in Dan Essig's class at Arrowmont. It's one of my favorite things. Probably not top 10, but 12 or 13, anyway.

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