Saturday, February 10, 2007

Peyton Reads My Blog

My pal, Cheryl Prater, told me how to put that google analytics thing on my blog. I check it once in a while. Last weekend, I had a visitor from MIAMI. It was Peyton, wasn't it?

This week's pages are, of course, dedicated to the Colts' win. "Lord Help Our Colts" is actually a song. It started back in the bad old days when the Colts couldn't buy a win, and COLTS stood for Count On Losing This Sunday. On one of the Indy radio stations, every Monday a blues guitar player/ singer/ writer dude named Duke Tumato (sp?) would sing this sad song about the Colts latest defeat, changing the lyrics to retell the lowlights of the past Sundays game. The chorus was always the same - Lord Help Our Colts. But then Peyton came to town and the Tony came to town and the losses became few and far between. The song, however, lived on, as a continued prayer for success. It does work, apparently. The rings don't lie.

I am updating today because I will be tired tomorrow night. The girls have ODP soccer at Wabash college tomorrow, which is a little over 2 hrs drive each way. I will have about 4 hours of nothing to do. I could read a book, work on an article, work on stuff for Chicago, work on the skirt I started Wednesday - I don't know. I just hope I can find a nice warm spot by a sunny window to sit and wait. I have been so tired lately. I just can't shake it no matter how much I sleep. I think the lack of light has finally knocked me out. Spring begins NEXT MONTH.


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