Sunday, February 04, 2007

You know you got it, child, if it makes you feel good

"Piece of my Heart" - I think one of the greatest songs ever concieved, written or sung. Except for Faith Hill's version. I read that she NEVER heard Janis's version before she did it. What? Didn't you have a radio growing up?

It is good to be me right now. The girls and I ran a 5k yesterday. It was 15 degrees and windy, so who knows what the wind chill was. WHITLEY won the womens race and COURTNEY was third. I finished. Not last. Ran all the way.

I saw a good doctor on Thursday about my arm and hand problem. I got a shot in my elbow and a brace I have to wear for 2 weeks all the time. Most movements are difficult with it and some are impossible. But the doc thinks this will fix it.

My Colts are up 29 - 17 with less than 2 minutes to go. AND our schools are on a 2 hour delay for in the morning because of the extreme cold. It will be 2 below in the morning, not counting wind chill and there are a lot of kids who have to wait outdoors for the bus. I have to be at school at 9:50 insterad of 7:50. Cool.

Oh, wait, my Colts just won. Tony Dungy is the first African American head coach to win the SuperBowl. And he coaches in MY state. Indiana really is the coolest place ever. I look awful in royal blue, but I'm getiing a Colts SuperBowl champs shirt.

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