Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Husband Test

As you know, my husband and I have two daughters. While they are many years away from getting married, I talk them quite a bit about the importance of picking a good man to marry. We are (only half jokingly) making a husband test. Question #4, for instance, is Are your teeth naturally straight or did you have braces? The latest question we have added is #6 - Do you have any aspirations of becoming a rapper? This is deal breaker. Look at Brit. We don't need any more good little Southern fried church girls ending up bald and in rehab.

My daily art from last week turned out icky. I think I shall staple the pages together so no eyes may fall upon it. I wasn't feelin it last week. Preoccupied.

Project Runway stars on other shows - Nick Varreos was on The Hills, teaching at FIDM - y'know the school where Heidi dropped out and that other girl goes to pout before working at Teen Vogue. ho hum. Emmett McCarthy was on What Not To Wear. He has a shop called EMc2 and the gal getting new threads went in there to shop and Emmett rang her up.

Blake is on AI right now. I really like that kid. The pic above is Court at the Spring Art Show last year in front of a quilt made by one of my fourth grade classes made of handpainted blocks with Matisse inspired motifs. Her shirt says Trust me. I'm a Blonde.

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