Sunday, March 04, 2007

It's a Long Way to the Top

If you wanna rock n roll. Or run a half marathon. Or raise kids. Or have a successful career. Or make good art.

Have you ever purposely done something in public that you are not good at? Voluntarily let you weakness show in front of everybody? More than once in a year? I am the world's worst runner, yet I did a 10k yesterday and a 5k last month. Oh yeah, and next month we have a 10 mile and then the Indy Mini in May. What was I thinking back in October when I signed up for this? Why?

I will have to make myself a cute artsy t-shirt with something cool on the back to wear at the mini. No need to waste any time on the front, but I know I will get passed bunches, so the back should be interesting as a community service.

It's ab0ut 6 weeks until the Big To Do in Chicago at the Quilt Show with Cloth Paper Scissors. If you read Cheryl's blog last week, you already know I have a super cute apron to wear.

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