Saturday, March 31, 2007

Out like a L.A.M.B.

Or a Peep. We went shopping yesterday - the mall, Hobby Lobby, Joann Fabric, Michaels (bought nothing), TJ Maxx (where the girls found the new Gwen Harajuku purses[that's why it's L.A.M.B. at the top] which I did not buy for them) and Target. The girls bought Peeps at Target. The colors they chose are a crime against sugar-coated nature. Aren't they hideous? The red ones are especially repulsive. Are they sunburned? Emabarrassed? Coated in paprika? You'll be glad to know that they are exclusive to Target, so CVS and Walgreen are safe.

On my spring break goals, it's a mixed bag. As of today, I got the 25 miles, but I have had to walk some of them due to a nagging injury that I can't get to reslove. I didn't clean as much as I wanted, but I made huge progress on a ceratin project and got the bulk of my Chicago materials prepared. After a bout of insomnia and nightmares, I did manage to get caught up on sleep, which is the most important part of spring break - to go back to school refereshed and full of energy to tackle to the last seven weeks.

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