Friday, March 23, 2007

The Crabby Crafter

I am thinking of changing the name of my blog to Postcards from the Crabby Crafter. I am NOT a crabby person by nature, and, really, I am not a crafter. I just think it would be funny to do something like that fussy old lady on the Hallmarks - is it Maxine? - about stuff like burning your fingers on the hot glue gun, printing out stuff backwards and breaking sewing machine needles. Y'know, the stuff we all do all the time that can really drives us nuts. I had an idea this week for a certain book and I have made 2 of them. I will show you a picture tomorrow. I accidentally left them at the studio.
I am on Spring Break!! Nine days of busy freedom. I started working on my kits for Make It U - Chicago after school today. I do hope you can come over and take my class. I will just DIE if nobody wants to take my class. I promise it will be fun and I will tell you a great, true story about why I make purse-shaped books.
My To Do List for Spring Break
1. Prepare all materials for MIU
2. Run 25 miles
3. Figure out what I am wearing in Chicago
4. Take the girls to the dentist
5. Get my hair done - touch up roots and trim
6. Make a skirt from my precious Anna Maria fabrics
7. Finish the project pictured above.
8. Go shopping - girls need bermudas. Hard to fit. This could take all week.
9. Sleep
10. Clean
I really hope I can sit at this computer on April 1 and say that I got it all done.


Cheryl Prater said...

Crabby? You? No!

Love the idea of renaming the blog to suit your alter-ego.



Cheryl Prater said...

Oh. And what a CUTE picture. You're the Cutie Crafter.