Saturday, March 24, 2007

A Book So Nice I Made It Twice

These are little - about 5" tall by 3"wide - two signature books with canvas duck covers. There are doors and windows cut out here and there throughout the book, so you can peek thru to the next page. I had been thinking about what kind of journal I wanted to make to take to Arrowmont to document my class this summer. The class is called Printmaking Funhouse, so I came up with the house idea for the book. These are just (I am going to use an unnecessarily pompous word here) prototypes. I love using primed canvas in place of case paper. It acts like paper, but has the durability of fabric. I am going to make an accordion book with wooden covers and the text block from primed canvas. I will use either little tacks or staples to attach the covers to the pages, something decorative. This book might become my Arrowmont journal. I adore little artist books, but it seems that big books are more attractive to the masses. I love something that is just the size one person can look at it. You don't (and can't) get that level of interaction with a huge painting. Not saying I'm right or smarter or anything. It's just my personal bias. I guess some people want to say different thing with their work. Some yell and some whisper and some of us simply do not wish to impose. It's a dilemma, alright.

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