Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Back to Good

That was last week's song, but this is NOT my journal entry. It's a sketch for something else I was working on from Thursday until yesterday afternoon. I still did my daily art, but as of Thursday, when I found out that a certain thing that I have been waiting to have resolved will not be even close to resolved for another month, I knew I had to get back to normal. Back to good. See, this thing that has been out there in the universe has had me in quite a state. I have felt frozen in my work, upset tummy, grouchy and not sleeping well. I guess I had a certain impression of things and then I find out that my impression is off base and I feel like an idoit. Not that feeling like an idiot is anything new for me. There are just some times a country girl with a delicate heart needs to be careful of getting her hopes up.
So the point is
I've gotta get my head outta the clouds or out from under a rock or wherever it' s been and make some good art.
And keep hoping that everything will turn out okay.

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Cheryl Prater said...

Look how dang cute you are! Love the picture!