Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I'm In

My favorite magazine, Cloth Paper Scissors, announced a call for submissions on The Editor's Blog a few weeks back in conjunction with the Big Quilt Do in Chicago next month. One of the challenges was to make a 12 x 12 paper quilt with a Flower Power theme. The paper quilts chosen would be exhibited at the Quilt Show. I only decided to make a quilt last Thursday and the photos were due yesterday. My first idea was the sunflower quilt I showed you in the sketch yesterday. My second idea came to me last Friday at school. My Friday school is in the middle of a build-on and renovation. Since the holiday break, I have been in a temporary art room, with one temporary wall of bare sheet rock. Ug-ly. On the first Friday in January, my students wanted to know if we could draw on that ugly construction wall. I asked the principal and he said why not so I drew a huge garden scene on directly on the sheet rock and the kids colored, added details and drew more stuff until the wall was bursting with color. The wall is coming down soon (tomorrow, I think) so last Friday in art class, all my students drew the wall on a 12 x 18 paper and we talked about how some things just aren't meant to be permanent and how much fun it was to draw on a wall in school. So my second quilt idea, and the one I actually made, was inspired by that wall and my students. Here is a sketch of the wall.

I found out today that my quilt has been chosen for the show in Chicago. I'm happy.

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