Thursday, March 15, 2007

Red, Black,Brown and...

Cobalt Blue. I was thinking purple or turquoise, but I had some of these blue scraps and they just worked, so blue it is. Have you ever made something a bunch of times until it becomes so boring and pedestrian that you quit making it and then you rediscover it and it seems so cool again? This is a single-sheet book structure that I first saw, made in a different way, in 2002. This one began as am 18 x 22 sheet of watercolor paper that I washed with watered down brown acrylic paint and then stamped with foam printing plates. The book is made by folding, cutting and refolding. No glue or sewing. It gives you front and back covers and pages 1 thru 6, so it's not too big a task to finish a whole book.

What am I putting in this book? Not sure yet. Working on it. I think this is the project I am going to demo at the CPS Virtual Studio at the Chicago Quilt Show. Come see us and visit for a while.

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