Wednesday, April 04, 2007

In the Process

These are this week's journal pages so far. I don't think I have posted any of this year's project while the pages are in the process. I am thinking of the song "Colorful" by Roco DeLuca and The Burden. Go put it on you Ipod right now. And while you are at it, check out Paolo Nutini and Robert Randolph and The Family Band.

I have got SO MUCH to do in the next week in getting ready for Chicago! The girls have track, soccer and AAU basketball right now, on top of homework and maintaining straight As. They love to be busy and are so competetive. Sports practice of any kind for them is serious business. I don't where in the world they gottheir hard core, all or nothing attitudes. All 3 of us are running the Indy Mini in about 30 days. I have really had to work hard to get ready for this. I am always asking myself what in the world I think I am doing trying to run 13 miles in one session! I have to get in a 10 mile run sometime this week! We have an AAU tournament this weekend, Fri nite and Sat and the Sunday is Easter and the trip to JR's gramma in Martin County.

Hollow or solid - which do you prefer in your Easter Basket? Cadbury Creme Eggs - Love 'em or hate 'em? I would rather have no chocolate bunny and only Cadbury Creme Eggs, not the caramel ones. My girls like giant hollow bunnies, and of course, those wretched peeps. When they were very little and still did trick or treat on Halloween, Easter was the day I threw out the leftover Halloween candy and I threw out the old Easter candy on Halloween. Now, we don't have enough of either one around to have leftovers. It's funny how your day to day life changes as your kids grow up. It's been over 2 years since I packed a lunch - NOBODY takes their lunch to jr high. Miss Picky Courtney is sometimes very hungry after school. I never do their hair anymore. They clean their own bathroom. I guess that's a good thing about them growing up. But I still miss frilly Easter dresses and new white patents a little.

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e. beck said...

i adore cadbury eggs
i adore peeps
and i adore frilly easter dresses........
thanks for visiting my blog......i have enjoyed yours.....