Sunday, April 29, 2007

Goodbye Peyton, Hello Brady

Every morning, while JR are getting ready for work and school we watch Mike and Mike on ESPN2. The running gag for the last few weeks has been Mike Golick's fascination with Brady Quinn, the Notre Dame QB in the NFL draft this year. I do not follow college football, so I don't know anything about Brady Quinn. Yesterday was the draft. We were at a basketball tournament in Jeffersonville, IN. We had a long break between games, so we went out to lunch. One on the parents had recommended Cheddar's, so that's where we went. We were seated facing a big tv tuned to the NFL Draft. At one point I looked up at the screen and saw an object d'art. I said WHO is that. It was Brady Quinn. Peyt, ol'buddy, it's been fun, but I'm leavin' ya for the Browns. The Colts picked some WR from Ohio State.

I am SO glad basketball is almost over. Whit's team has advanced to State, so she will have at least one more weekend. Mother's day weekend. The Indy 500 Mini is next Saturday. I am a nervous wreck. I never saw myself doing anything like this. I am an artist, not an athlete.

This the lower right leg of my artjeanz. I told Whitley I wanted them to whisper "art teacher". She said she could see the "art teacher", but wasn't sure about the whispering.

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random notes said...

I would love to see those Frida jeans in person. Sorry, don't love the basketball or football scene but Frida is alright with me. Great job on the applique.