Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Two Days to Go

I have two more days to get everything ready to take this circus on the road to Chicago. This is the beginning of my journal for this week. Of course, it is a quilt theme. I left at 7:30 this morning and the girls had a track meet after school, which started late, of course. We didn't get home until 8:45. They did well, both had wins. Whit ran a beautiful 800, staying right on the heels of the first place runner until the last turn and then crushing her. After the meet, Whit was telling us how she went around and talked the girls she raced against and told them "good job" and all that stuff. Courtney said she couldn't do that because she was SO far ahead of everybody she never saw their faces. Little stinker.

My to do list is shrinking, but the countdown to 4am Friday is going much faster. That's not a light at the end of the tunnel. It's an oncoming train.

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e. beck said...

happy trails! i am envious of your big trip....have fun......