Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

Urban Cowboy is on CMT right now. Love that movie. John Travolta movies have taught me so much over the years. I based my entire opinion of Manhattan on Saturday Night Fever, on Stephanie's description of what it was like to work there. Stayin Alive taught me to quit while I'm ahead. Urban Cowboy, that county songs are about real life and that fancy shirts are NOT the answer. I'm not really a huge Travolta fan. He has been unavoidable.

FOUR DAYS - scream of excitement - until Chicago! I actually checked 3 things off my to do list today! Did I happen to mention that the district wide art show is next Monday? So that means I have to have about 100 pieces of artwork matted, labeled and ready to set up right after I get home from what I am sure will be a whirlwind 2 days at the Quilt Show.

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Cheryl Prater said...

The quilt is so great. How big is it? You are so prolific, I want to be you when I grow up. Can't wait till MIU, Chicago and the Quilting World aren't going to know what hit them!!!