Saturday, April 21, 2007

Actual Work from the Virtual Studio

These are my journal pages from last week, so they were what I was working on last Friday and Saturday in Chicago. I colored penciled the images on Saturday, intending to use them in a circus-themed tunnel book I have been dreaming of making. I did some watercolor in my room at the Doubletree Friday nite and early Saturday morning, then I made the little quilt from fabric I bought on Friday, then added the people. This year's journal was passed thru many hands last weekend in the Virtual Studio and during my classes. People who were watching around the edges of Make It U asked if they could look at it while I was teaching. Someone asked me if I had been considering that the book would be on display, in a way, and if that had influenced my work, you know, being conscious of other people looking at it and wanting it to look good. Turthfully, I thought about that for maybe 30 seconds. That's something I have come to realize about my process - I do not think about whether or not anybody will like it or get it or want to emulate it - I just make stuff. That is a bit of a duality with me, because I totally care about what other people think of ME. Am I nuts? Don't answer that. I will show you my art all day long and talk about it and tell you how I do it, but when it comes to *me*, the person - yikes! Know my art, I guess, and know me.
Yesterday was about a 20 hour day, with taking Whit to school for her 8th grade class trip at 5:00am and then picking her up at 1:00am. She had fun and there were no problems. Two soccer matches today and I got in 11 miles at well under minimum race pace. The mini is in 2 weeks and then I am never running again. Not really, I only tell myself that to get thru these long workouts.
While in line at Walmart, I read thatJessica Simpson and John Mayer got married -say it ain't so! And that Ryan Phillipe is dating Lindsey Lohan. What does this have to do with art - nothing - but read the header. It's my blog. I'll show some art and talk about stuff.

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