Saturday, April 07, 2007


It was about 80 degrees here on Monday. It is below FREEZING with a WIND CHILL today! At least there won't be any melty chocolate bunnies tomorrow. It is a mere 5 days until MIU in Chicago. I have a short to do list before I leanve at 4 am Friday morning, but it will be enough to keep me busy. I am going to give myself an assignment every day and no going to bed before it is done. I'm not worried about not being ready to go to Chicago. I am much more concerned about tanking when I get there.
The girls have track practice Mon and Wed, track meets Tues and Thurs, soccer practice Mon and Thurs, basketball practice Mon and Thurs, basketball games Fri, Sat and Sun. I just realized today that the outfits I planned to wear for MIU are all wrong and lame. Hate that. No time to shop for anything else. Maybe nobody will notice.

I hope you find lots of eggs and no black jelly beans.

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e. beck said...

it is almost 11 o'clock....and i just ate one of tomorrow's chocoloate bunnies....a hershey's was SO very yummy...and now it can't get melty either... now that i have confessed on your blog, instead of my own, perhaps no one else will have to know! ...... happy easter