Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My favorite photo

This is not a family member. She is a stranger. I saw this photo in my favorite local antique store one day, loved it and turned it over to check the price - $8.00! Outrageous. I would never pay that for an old photo somebody else threw out. That night, I dreamed about the photo, that someone else had bought it. The next day, on my lunch, I ran right over and bought it myself. That was in 2003. I have no idea how many copies I have made of this little face. She has a story to tell me and I am still listening.
I hate the new NBA eligibilty rule. I hate the one-and-done thing in college. College ball used to be fun to watch. You could get to know the players in four years of watching them. I have had my heart broken too many times by my college players going pro early. Jared Jeffries, for instance. When I hear IU has some big time new recruit, I don't even want to know the kid's name until he is a junior. I admit, however, that I think it's a little funny when guys to to the league early and tank. If they hire an agent, they can't go back to school , so they have to go to Europe and play or sell used cars. The Europe part is especially funny because soccer is their basketball. I haven't watched too much college ball, even my beloved IU, in the last few years. I know, kids like Mello and LB want to get PAID to play ball. Excuse me, have you priced a college education lately? Getting your bachelors degree for playing a sport you supposedly LOVE seems like fair pay to me, but then again, I believe in education. Does anybody know what ever happened to Luke Recker?
Courtney has decided to play AAU. We have a tournament this weekend. Her soccer thing in Illinois got cancelled due to field conditions from 13" inches of melting snow. Oh, well, it's still a ball and a net.

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